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Colorful Wedding Florals For A Bright New Year

Colorful Wedding Florals

Wedding Floral Designs Full Of Color

To cheer us up at the start of the new year, we decided to create something bold and colorful. These colorful wedding florals were created in our makeshift home floral studio we recently set up complete with lights, backdrop, and tunes on vinyl. Each bloom selected for this project put a smile on our faces and we hope it does the same for you.

Colorful Hanging Installation Perfect For A Wedding Backdrop

A floral installation is a large scale floral display created to be a visual statement piece. These installations are eye-catching and look fabulous both in person and in photographs. Most commonly seen as floral arches, floral walls, or floral hanging displays. For this project, we were excited to design and create this hanging installation that would look amazing as a wedding backdrop.

The Floral Color Palette

We designed this installation to have a slight color gradient ranging from warm peaches to cooler pinks. The warmer tones are soft and inviting while the pink lisianthus packs a punch while adding a great contrast that is pleasing to eye. Our favorite bloom to work with during this project was definitely the peach and pink toned ranunculus. Its ruffly petals, whimsical stems, and ombrè colors made this flower a stand out in this creation.

Floral Installation For Ceremony Or Reception

The cool thing about choosing a floral installation for a wedding is that the possibilities are really endless. Differing shapes, colors, and sizes ensure each installation design is special and unique. A design like this could be used as a stunning ceremony backdrop or could dazzle guests at the reception above the sweetheart table.

We have a special offer going on right now. For any wedding booked from now through February 28, 2021, a discount of 20% will be applied to any floral installation chosen.

Colorful Wedding Florals

Other Colorful Wedding Florals

For this styled shoot we wanted to share the cohesion of a colorful wedding. It’s important to carry the same color palette throughout the ceremony and the reception. This ensures a cohesive and put together look. Choosing to have a colorful wedding may seem a bit daunting at first, but we encourage our clients not to shy away from colorful wedding florals. These colors are going to tell a personal story that is uniquely theirs.

Romantic Bridal Bouquet Full Of Color

The color, form and texture of a bridal bouquet sets the tone for the entire wedding. When we are planning wedding florals for a client, one thing we always ask of them is to provide us with 3-5 words that describe the mood or vibe of the wedding day. Then as floral designers, we interpret those unique words into an array of enchanting blooms and sustainable designs. This makes each design special to that particular wedding.

Reception Centerpieces With More Muted Colors

Even with a colorful palette, sometimes it’s nice to tone down one area of the wedding while still keeping to the same palette and design. This gives the eyes a bit of rest and sets a peaceful tone to enjoy conversations and libations.

Color Mix And Match Boutonnières

Mix and match boutonnières is a trend we are all about right now! The concept is that each man gets a unique boutonnière made from the same wedding florals seen throughout the event. This create a bit of intrigue, not to mention it looks fabulous in photos.

Thank you for stopping by the Monarch Blog today! We hope these colorful designs brought a smile to your face. Don’t forget to check out our portfolio and our flower delivery service!

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