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What To Expect When Monarch Flower Farm Designs Your Wedding Florals

A Guide To Monarch Flower Farm Weddings

We wrote this as a guidebook for our clients/potential clients who desire our unique floral designs for their wedding day. This post breaks down topics from the services we offer and what makes us different, to the design process and how we make each wedding day smooth and stress-free. We hope this answers any questions you may have. If you’d like to inquire about booking us, all it takes is to quickly fill out the form on our weddings page.

What It’s Like To Work With Monarch Flower Farm

We provide enchanting, one of a kind floral designs and a stress-free environment throughout the entire planning process. All of our creations will be completely unique, because every couple is unique. We work with each couple and create designs that have never been seen before. Our approach to floral design is to embody a mood through color, form, and texture. We are passionate about telling each couple’s personal love story through our floral design. Each couple will work closely with our co-founders, Cody and Lauren. This ensures every detail is perfectly executed. We do this in order to create a seamless design flow for the wedding day.

The Services We Offer Our Wedding Clients

We offer a wide range of serves to our wedding clients: complimentary consultations, custom floral designs, bespoke mood boards, allow any changes to the floral designs up to 30 days prior to the wedding, venue visits as necessary, tablescape and arbor rentals, 100% foam free designs, we work directly with our client’s other vendors, and so much more. Let’s chat a little more in depth about a couple of these services.

Floral Design Mood Board

After we have our complimentary consultation with our client, we then work on creating each couple their own, bespoke wedding florals mood board. This mood board features several pages of visuals and detailed verbiage to convey the flowers chosen, the potential design elements and rentals, and the overall feel of the unique floral art we will create on the wedding day. The photos on the mood board serve as a guide to see how the colors, shapes, and textures may appear on the wedding day. It is not a direct view of what the day-of florals will look like. We create something special for each couple that no one has ever seen before.

Monarch Flower Farm Designs Your Wedding Florals

Flexible Floral Estimate

Once we have created a bespoke floral mood board for our clients, we attach it to their flexible floral estimate. This estimate should never be viewed as a one and done deal. We work closely with our clients and provide a space for open communication between the clients and the designers so that no detail is unturned.

In the estimate, each floral item is broken down and priced accordingly. Each item has a small photo and description in order to be easily read. The estimate is easily modified to ensure the designs fit appropriately within the client’s budget. Some of the ways we can easily adjust the budget is by adding/subtracting greenery or blooms in specific items or by taking off numbers of items altogether.

How We Choose Flowers For Each Wedding

Choosing the flowers to use for each wedding is a task we take very seriously. We ask clients to give us a few words to describe their love story and use that as a jumping off point. This helps us pick which blooms will go best with their color palette and the vibe they are going for. When choosing each bloom, we make sure the colors, sizes, and shapes of each flower are balanced, and pair them with the perfect bits of greenery and texture.

Something else we consider is the season each wedding is in. We carefully choose blooms that are at their peak at the time of each wedding. Whether we use flowers we grow on our farm, or we order our blooms from our sustainable wholesalers, we make sure to provide our clients with the best seasonal blooms at the best price possible.

Things That Make Monarch Flower Farm Different From Other Wedding Florists

First off, we are relatively new florists not bound by traditions or the way things have been done before. We bring a fresh perspective, a fresh drive, and a fresh interpretation of floral designs.

At Monarch Flower Farm we are passionate about using sustainable practices in our design process as well as on our farm. We never use toxic floral foam, and reuse materials as much as possible. We strive to be as waste free as possible.

Another thing that sets us apart from other local florists is that we have our very own on site farm. During the growing season, we cut the freshest flowers directly from our garden and use them in our wedding designs. When we need more blooms especially during the off-season, we use sustainably sourced blooms from our trusted wholesalers.

We try to always be available for texts, photos, or design advice throughout the planning process. Our clients don’t get our “work phone,” they get our personal cell phone number and we are ready to help or answer any questions they may have, when they have them.

What The Design Process Looks Like

Once we have come to an agreement on the visuals in the mood board and the floral estimate, we send our clients a contract to secure our services on their wedding date. From that point on, we can talk as much or as little as our client wants. Some clients want to continue the design discussion and be involved in each detail while others want to leave it all to us. Either way, at the very latest, we will be in touch about 2 months before the event date. This is when we will discuss timelines, guest count, table numbers, and any other changes that may be needed to the design plan. We secure the flowers and numbers by one month before the wedding day. That is when we place each flower order and order any rentals we do not already have in our collection.

The week before the wedding is when the fun really begins. Flowers arrive on our farm and we spend hours prepping and caring for each bloom to ensure they look their best on the wedding day. In the days leading up to the event, we create any structures needed for our designs, as well as clean, box up, and label all rentals to be delivered to the venue on the day. We then confirm all details with the vendors for a smooth, stress-free wedding day.

Delivery And Set Up

Leave it all to us. We do all the floral set up, so our clients can just enjoy their wedding day. When our clients walk down the aisle, everything will be just as they envisioned it. And at the reception venue, the blooms will be in place and create a beautiful atmosphere for the guests to see upon their arrival. We make most of the designs in our floral studio and bring them to the venue already prepared. As for the larger floral installations, we create those designs on scene the day of to ensure the design dimensions perfectly fit the space as well as keeping the blooms fresh and in water for as long as possible. At the end of the fabulous wedding day, we will take care of the break down and clean up of everything we’ve set up, leaving your venue free of flowers.

Thank you for stopping by the Monarch Blog today! Click here to inquire about booking us for your upcoming wedding or event. Don’t forget to check out our portfolio and our colorful floral hanging installation! We also have a flower delivery service you won’t want to miss!

***photos in this post were taken by 3 wonderful photographers: Emily Delamater, Sami Strong, and Flit Photography.

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