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Wedding Trend: Boho Florals

The Wedding Trend That’s Sticking Around

Boho florals is a wedding trend that has been around for a while. The good news is, all signs point to the fact that this trend is here to stay. Whether you know what “boho florals” means or not, it’s safe to bet that you have seen this trend on display in recent weddings or at the very least all over Pinterest. This is such a versatile trend making it so popular among newly engaged couples no matter their age, style, or color scheme. Let’s dive into all the boho goodness!

Boho Florals

What We Love About The Boho Florals Trend

Boho style is all about incorporating earthy, natural tones and textures. We love this floral trend because something about these florals seem effortlessly cool. The vibe is very zen and carefree, yet the florals give this grand feel that can transform any venue.

The Boho Florals Secret Ingredients

As mentioned before, boho florals incorporate more earthly tones into the designs. Think tan, green, terra-cotta, cream, blush, peach, etc. These colors can mix with almost any color which makes this trend open to endless possibilities. Another way to spot this trendy style is by the use of interesting textures. Boho florals tend to use a wide range of textures including dried flowers and grasses.

Boho Wedding Floral Installations

Floral installations are quite popular in the boho wedding trend. This gives that grand feel to the ceremony or the reception. These installations are very organic in nature, larger than life, and make you wonder how in the world they were created. Boho designs inspire and intrigue their gazers while also feeling warm and inviting. A few installation designs frequently used in boho weddings include floor installations, ceremony arches, and florals that look as if they are growing up the wall.

How To Incorporate Boho Florals Into Your Wedding

It’s all about the details. Think about dressing the entrance to your ceremony aisle. Two grand boho floor installations would really add that “wow factor” and provide a bohemian feel that you could carry into your reception venue. For this, we love dressing the sweetheart table as well as the cake table. These two areas can sometimes get overlooked but they really make a difference and look incredible in photos. The possibilities are endless with this trend, so we’ve created a curated boho florals Pinterest board to give you some more ideas!

Nothing Says “Boho” Like Pampas Grass

Probably the most iconic feature in the boho floral trend has to be pampas grass. This tan, fluffy grass looks amazing covering a ceremony arbor with flowers such as quicksand roses and orchids. This grass enhances any boho floral design element and provides the beloved texture and earthy color of the boho style.

Boho Florals

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***photos in this post were taken by 3 wonderful photographers: Jules Photography, Soul Filled Photography, & our co-founder, Lauren Malone.

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